Dove Cameron: es hora de superar los tabúes

Esto También Es.- Dove Cameron envía potente mensaje de aceptación a sus seguidores y detractores luego de ser señalada y acusada como nudista por postear un video donde utiliza el efecto brumoso posando en traje de baño mientras bailaba frente a un espejo.

Dove Cameron
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En 24 horas la fotografía supera 1.800.000 reproducciones y 6.000 comentarios siendo muchos de ellos ofensivos.

En señal de respuesta, la actriz ha escrito un contundente mensaje junto a la obra “El Nacimiento de Venus” de William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

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the human body isn’t offensive y’all. stop objectifying women so hard that you convince yourself that something natural and beautiful could ever be something offensive. also let women define their own bodies & their relationship to their bodies for themselves. stop defining women’s bodies for said women. (goes for women shaming women as well) it’s so repressed and unhealthy to look at nakedness and see something bad. it’s just hundreds of years of social conditioning & it’s super weird. we should be done with this whole shame thing. at any age (children as well and ESPECIALLY) and any gender. we only make nakedness inappropriate when we objectify and sexualize. a body is not inherently sexual. its beautiful and innocent. stop ruining it for yourself & others ((just to be clear to the thousands of people who RAN with this post because it upset them so much, no, i am not saying “everyone should just run naked in the streets like animals and the world should be in total chaos.” i am simply encouraging the embracing of the human body, the removal of the stigma that it is evil, the comfortability and LOVE of ones OWN body, and yes, if it is appropriate, if we are alone of at home, knowing that nakedness isn’t wrong. raising kids to be happy and friendly with their bodies and not sexualizing and objectifying it to the point that they become afraid of it. thanks for your time. please calm down.)

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Dove Cameron mensaje en defensa de la libertad
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